Never Fall (feat. Amplified)

from by Ian Janco

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Lay it down, let our energy plant many seeds
Verbally, we float over the seven seas
How could I fly when I stay so featherless?
I stay down to the earth, that's foreverness
But still dream if I'm flying on Pegasus
No need to plea, I was a pessimist
Once believed that the world was my nemesis
But now I'm learning of its patience and gentleness
Take time to grow, cuz that's evidence
Never sell the soul just for the benefits
Don't hope for the gold if you're effortless
They enrolled for an ocean of pettiness
What if I'm broke doing shows, and I'm penniless?
I've still chosen to flow through the definite
So when I'm gone I've committed to this emphasis
We're all the shades of this black and gray, coexist.

You can try to bring me down
I'll never fall, no way
I'll never fall

You can try to take my sunny days away
I'll never fall, no way
I'll never fall

I break tradition with my conscious lyricism
Following my intuition and breaking my inhibitions
Cuz they fail to listen so I'm missing all the rhythm
With these algorithms allegorically fueling my skepticism
I wish that I could open eyes and believe in
All of these words that manipulate the reason
The reason being I've been by myself
I felt I've climbed these mountains and I've found my wealth;
Love - a feeling that is infinite and spacious
Love - it takes me to my ultimate oasis
Love - I spread it on a day to day basis
To show you that I wanna lift the smiles on your faces
Shape-shift to another day
Make room for another way
They say the good things in life come to those who believe so-
I believe

You can try to bring me down
I'll never fall, no way
I'll never fall

You can try to take my sunny days away
I'll never fall, no way
I'll never fall
A tantalizing dream, but it's one we've all seen
Just looking to find a road to thoughts we all speak
We've got the means to bring light to dreams
But I just want to scream
The shades of blue, red, black, white and gray
Will never get the chance to paint my days
I'll take the paintbrush and trade it away
For a view of a sunny day


They can't bring us down, we will never fall.


from Stronghold, released September 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Ian Janco Liverpool, UK

Ian Janco’s musical life was formed on an isolated ranch in the mountains of Idaho, where he was surrounded by instruments, recording equipment, intense natural beauty, and extreme weather.
He later moved to Santa Cruz and played in many bands, finally ending up performing and recording as a solo artist.
Janco now studies at Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.
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